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Interoperability, Flexibility, and Fail-Over

Multiple Independent Internet Connections

Traditional T-1 connections with “shadow” T-1’s from separate central offices

5 Megabit Wireless connection; burstable to 10 Megabit; scalable to 155 Megabit

Automatic fail-over at router level; in the event of loss of connectivity on either wired or wireless connections, all connections switch to the “alive” service

Fault-tolerant configuration with redundant firewalls and routers

Uninterruptible Power

Rack mounted power equipment with network connectivity for notification and “graceful” shutdown for database stability after extended power outages; power availability after black-out averages one to two hours for all equipment

Surge resistors on all outside lines coming into building to prevent damage from power spikes and lightening strikes; on all T-1’s, phone lines, network cables and all other connections coming from outside our data center

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