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After many years of investing in technology and the development of a very successful third party administration process, Employers Direct Health (EDH) began to explore offering this infrastructure and expertise to other organizations. Employers Direct Health’s commitment to investing in technology-based solutions provides clients and partners with efficient, reliable claims administration. Due to efficiencies of scale, EDH was afforded an opportunity to expand the focus of this expertise by developing, building, and hosting applications for diversified markets.

In 2000, EDH created Vologic, Inc.: a technical group to develop applications and redefine business processes with technology. Two years later, the foundation for enterprise-level application hosting and a cutting-edge programming/development environment was complete.

As a test bed for future application development, the Vologic team explored several new technologies. By first building an Internet-based administration/accounting package for small to medium sized private schools, a coherent, comprehensive development process was generated and tested. This package was originally intended to address small school needs for a more educationally-oriented accounting system, but has since grown into a total school solution encompassing accounting, registration, grading, class scheduling, and fund raising. EDH also uses this package for all of its corporate accounting and financial management.

After the initial success of the school application, the next generation of Vologic solutions was created. The goal was to create a complete and total information system to address every and all aspects of the group health market. From quote generation to claim payment, all business flows and claim information processing, every single nuance of group health was to be incorporated into a single resource.

Through the use of leading edge rapid application development tools, enterprise-grade back office platforms, and scalable database technology, Vologic made great progress toward a complete solution for group health administrators, broker agencies, and other such related entities. Due to the integration of resources between EDH and Vologic, and the confidence afforded by “eating its own dog food”, we are poised to release to market an unsurpassed solution for anyone in the group health/life arena.

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