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We provide our clients with all the tools they need to attract, inform and connect to their consumers. Our experience allows us to execute design solutions seamlessly across different media, providing a rich and consistent consumer experience. Our core services are Strategy, Brand Identity and Marketing Communications (both Print & Interactive). Through strategic partners we offer Product Development, User Research and Engineering.

We think of brands as the relationship between a company and its customers. That relationship is managed through the multiple points of communication a company has with its audience, ranging from the way an identity appears on a business card or the side of a bus, to a user's experience as they navigate a corporate Web site. The insights gathered from managing comprehensive branding programs and package design projects, to launching robust e-commerce initiatives, allow us to develop effective communications strategies for our clients.


Brand Strategy

Through a series of interviews and interactive working sessions, we assist our clients to articulate their key market differentiators, brand attributes and value propositions. We then translate our findings into actionable strategies that serve as the basis for our creative development.

Identity Design

A company's logo often serves as its primary communication vehicle; a visual reminder of a company's promise to consumers during the sales and other key decision-making processes. We distill a company's attributes and brand objectives into unique and memorable identities. During the development process, we analyze the different environments that the identities will live within and create solutions that allow for consistent application.


Web Site Development

The objectives of Web sites vary from company to company. For some companies the objective is to leverage the Internet as a commerce channel. Other companies utilize the Internet as a content and marketing delivery channel to support commerce at existing retail outlets. Whether the purpose is commerce, marketing or content, we understand that a company's web presence is a key brand communication point with their customer. Our objective is to ensure the integration of business and technical requirements into a smooth user experience that delivers on a company's brand attributes and value propositions.

Interface Design

The design is in the details: the size and placement of a button on a screen, the selection of colors and typography, the nomenclature and editorial cues that are used for navigation. We pay close attention to all of these variables when developing interfaces at Vologic. We apply the same philosophy and focus to the design of Web sites or the development of User Interfaces for stand-alone software applications. The objective is to assist the user to complete a specific task while giving a consistently branded experience.

Custom Applications

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