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Vologic Inc. is currently implementing a suite of browser based applications and technologies that represent the basics of the virtual office. Leveraging our existing Novell infrastructure, a complete package of portability, security, and ease of use has been designed around Novell’s Ichain internet security services and Portal Services.

High speed internet connectivity is needed to access the virtual office. Users can read email, work with files, view shared and personal calendars, launch organization specific web applications, and create personal “shortcut” links from one user friendly interface. Graded authentication is also utilized to provide a higher level of security for sensitive business applications and data is accomplished using Ichain’s support of access tokens, primarily supplied by Vasco Data Security International.

Vologic’s Application Service Provider (ASP) model helps to alleviate the problem of data protection. Data stored in the portal framework is safeguarded with redundant hardware, a comprehensive backup and offsite tape storage plan, and soon, a fully redundant remote failover location.

A powerful tool for a mobile workforce, Vologic’s virtual office can be the means to help keep organization and productivity high amid the current fast paced business climate.

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