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To ensure the privacy and security of your data and transactions, Vologic employs the following technologies in delivering our applications and products:
  • Internet Firewalls
  • Network Translation and Proxy Services
  • 24-hour Security Access to our building and Data Center
  • Secure Socket Layer Data Encryption (SSL)
  • Network-resident Anti-Virus software
  • Host and Network-based Intrusion Detection Systems
  • Redundant Network Infrastructure and Internet Connectivity
  • Regularly Scheduled Backups, Offsite Storage, Disaster Recovery

Our strategy is to protect your data at multiple levels, which include security, integrity, and privacy. At Vologic, we weave together diverse security tools with our applications and services to create a secure, robust environment for your data.

Vologic applies both active and passive security tools to its systems. An active security tool is one that is always on and inspecting for security breaks. Passive tools look at patterns over time, and then make recommendations based on the compiled information. We’re constantly scanning and auditing our systems for any defects in network security, in computer systems, and around your data.

Compare this powerful infrastructure with what you may be using now - an unsecured PC where anybody in the office can walk up and copy a file to get all your business information; no backup/disaster recovery plan in case of equipment failure or act of nature; and little or no protection from hackers and other attacks against your data. Our research indicates that users will typically get a dramatic increase in security when they adopt Vologic applications and services.

If you have further questions regarding Vologic security, please email us at .

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