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Traditionally, smaller organizations cannot afford, nor justify, the ongoing costs of installing and maintaining expensive server hardware, application software, and technical labor to host email, share files and otherwise create a foundation for growth. The ongoing support and maintenance costs of existing platforms alone consume most of their information technology budget. A solution is required that offers the latest email, chat, calendaring, and file sharing capabilities, that is portable and secure, and is always available, but is not too expensive or complex.

Users want access to their applications, not worries about availability and security. Staff can’t wait for technical help, which in most small organizations is usually handled by someone whose primary role is some other function.

An affordable platform offering shared calendars, email, application access, information sharing, all in a secure, flexible format, is now available.

Our solution enables access to the latest groupware and file sharing capabilities, that is portable and secure, and allows for custom application development and hosting is required, but is either too expensive or complex for most smaller organizations, requiring integration of scores of vendor solutions and investing vast amounts of cash and time.

Decision makers need reports and analysis; not reams of incomprehensible data in dozens of different formats. An affordable platform offering all application access via the Internet in a secure, flexible format; along with an enterprise back-office business intelligence engine; and dedicated development and support staff is now available.



Disparate locations that need to operate collectively by sharing data, files, calendars, objectives, business rules and process management.

Data Collection

Central repository of data gathered from a multitude of sources with dissimilar systems and capabilities. Data scrubbing and manipulation is often necessary in order to effectively integrate data into one system for analysis.


Comprehensive analysis with data mining and business rule methodology. All levels of the organization need to be able to visualize business trends, track performance goals and visually identify exceptions. Discover relationships and patterns across data structures and systems.


Quickly, effectively present reports, charts, and executive summary information with drill-down capabilities, modeling and spatial representations for geographic/demographic data,

Support Infrastructure

Comprehensive technical support for end users including helpdesk, hardware maintenance, and disaster recovery. In general, technology and staff must be available to provide a secure, affordable, highly available, enterprise business information network.


Technical Facilities

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